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What is HUGR

The Hebrew University Genetic Resource (HUGR) consists of DNA samples from 16 diseases. For most diseases, there are more than 500 samples per disease and a common panel of over 5,000 healthy controls. Each sample contains extensive phenotypic information, including family history, disease characterization, drug treatments, efficacy and adverse events. All samples were prospectively collected using standardized clinical criteria and following standard ethical guidelines applicable to this kind of study.

All samples were collected from the Ashkenazi Jewish (AJ) population. The careful collection of the samples from the AJ community in Israel significantly increases the value of this cohort due to their genetic and environmental homogeneity (see: The Value of Homogeneity for Association Studies and also Scientific Publications Using HUGR).

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem provides unrestricted access to HUGR via a genotyping service that uses Kbioscience genotyping technology and services. All genotyping is centrally conducted and DNA is not provided. The service is provided under complete confidentiality and results belong solely to the ordering person/entity.